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TOS is non-negotiable and applies to all commissions through SpiritPanda Costumes regardless of price.

Age Restrictions

You must be at least 18 years of age to commission SpiritPanda Costumes. In order for a commission to be accepted, a government issued ID must be provided to prove the client’s age. Name, date of birth and photo must be visible. All other information may be blacked out. A photo of a signed handwritten note may also be requested.

Allergy Warning

Costume pieces may be exposed to cats and/or dogs throughout the building process. Costumes are stored away from pets, but if you are severely allergic, keep this in mind when considering a commission from me. Costumes are thoroughly cleaned before being shipped.

My home and work space are smoke and drug free, but I do use air fresheners, candles, wax burners and other fragrances.


You must be 18 years of age or older to apply for a quote. Commission Quotes will open a few times throughout the year. Quote requests must be submitted through the Google Form provided. We will not answer quotes requests through email or social media. We only accept quote requests if you are ready to commission us. If you are not yet ready and are looking for general pricing, please visit ourPrice Guide.

A clear, non-shaded digital reference sheet with 2-3 full body views of your character is required for a proper quote. We will not accept ‘not safe for work’ reference sheets. Markings and colors must be clear and represent exactly how you expect the finished fursuit to look. We will charge for updates or changes to designs if they occur AFTER the commission is accepted.

Receiving a quote does not bind you to a commission nor does it mean you have been accepted for a commission. It only gives you an estimate on how much your costume piece will cost if you choose to commission us. Prices are subject to change between commission openings. When you receive a quote, we will specify how long the quote is valid.


A NON-REFUNDABLE retainer fee of 30% is required to secure your commission spot. These payments are required within 1 week of your commission being accepted. If the full 30% payment is not received within that time frame, we reserve the right to cancel the commission. Your project will not be added to our queue until the retainer fee is paid. Your commission must be paid in full before any materials are purchased and before any progress will begin.

Payment is accepted via Square and direct bank deposit for US customers.

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International customers will be charged via Square, if applicable, or PayPal. International customers are responsible for all currency exchange fees.

Some transactions may be subject to an additional 6% sales tax added when the invoice is sent.

Payment plans for the remaining 70% of the commission price are available and will be discussed on an individual basis. If full payment is not received by the discussed date, your commission may either be canceled or bumped to a later commission block. We have the right to cancel commissions due to late/neglected payments. There is a late payment fee – if a payment is late by 1 week, a fee of $50.00 USD will be added on the 8th day. If 2 or more payments are missed, the commission may be considered abandoned.

Payment plans that extend 2 or more months past the discussed deadline are subject to a price adjustment. If our prices have adjusted during that period of time, your project price will be adjusted accordingly.

Commission Blocks

Commissions are always taken in small batches (2-3 projects). These will appear on the Trello Queue, but will not appear in any particular order of completion. I will work on projects based on when/if full payment has been made and what supplies have arrived/been ordered. I reserve the right to work on projects in a commission block in any order of my choosing. However, all projects within a commission block WILL BE COMPLETED before opening for new commissions.


All communication regarding a project will take place via email fromspiritpandacostumes@gmail.comor through Telegram. If you attempt to contact me via our social media pages, you will be directed to continue through my email or Telegram. I am not available via telephone, regular mail or IM for commission discussion.

Clients will be given 24 hours to respond to a question about their commission before I continue. If changes to the commission are requested after that window, fees may apply.

If a client is unable to be reached via email or Telegram for 30 days, it will be treated as a customer cancellation and the 30% retainer fee will be lost. Completed parts or parts in progress will be lost and repurposed for sale. Otherwise, a full refund (minus the 30% retainer fee) will be applied.

Duct Tape Dummies and Measurements

Duct tape dummies are required for certain projects. They must be made by following the requirements provided. If I receive a duct tape dummy that does not follow the requirements, I will ask for a replacement and will discard the incorrect one. I will try not make an incorrectly made duct tape dummy work.

The cost of materials to construct a DTD and shipping fees to SpiritPanda Costumes are the client’s responsibility. This includes tariffs and import fees for customers outside of the United States.

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Projects will not be started until a proper DTD and required measurements are provided. If these are not received within 4 weeks of being requested, I reserve the right to cancel the project. The retainer fee, currency exchange fees and compensation for time will not be refunded.

Work in Progress and Changes

I will provide multiple work in progress photos via email or Telegram during the commissioning process. If changes are requested, they must be communicated within 24 hours of receiving the photos to ensure a quick turn around on your project. Please do not commission me if you are unable to access your email or Telegram on a regular basis. I work quickly and will move on if a work in progress message is not responded to within 24 hours.

Large changes cannot be made once the order is finalized after the 30% retainer fee is paid. If changes to the character design are requested after the retainer fee is paid, additional fees will apply. Some cases may require a new project quote. Changes cannot be made to items once they are physically completed. It is the customer’s responsibility to alert me to any change requests during the building process.


I will provide a general estimate for completion time (usually 3-4 months once a project is started) that is not guaranteed. I do not work with convention deadlines. Any commission may be subject to delay. If a delay occurs, clients will be notified immediately.

I only take convention deadlines via auctions for commission slots. If you’re interested in having a costume guaranteed for a certain convention, please keep an eye for auctions. Otherwise, I do not offer rush commissions.


Refunds are not available for the 30% retainer fee. Refunds are not available on completed projects.

If a commission is cancelled by SpiritPanda Costumes due to unexpected events such as illness, family death, natural disaster, etc. the client may choose to be refunded any payments made plus the 30% retainer fee or receive a partial refund + any fully completed costume parts. I do, however, reserve the right to cancel an order if the client harasses, threatens or is otherwise unreasonable to work with.

If a commission is cancelled by the client or must be cancelled by SpiritPanda costumes due to client neglect and/or harassment, the 30% retainer fee and any currency exchange or transaction fees will NOT be refunded under any circumstances. Refunds after construction has begun can be discussed and will depend on how much progress has been made. I reserve the right to keep partially started or completed parts for a project that has been cancelled.

If you receive a completed project and decide it is not to your liking, a refund will not be granted. We will provide multiple work in progress photos throughout the construction process and changes must be requested during that time.

Once a cancellation is confirmed by both the client and SpiritPanda Costumes, it is final.

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If a PayPal is used, the account was is verified, and the automatic refund window through PayPal has passed, I may only be able to refund up to a certain amount. This is due to PayPal’s TOS. If this happens, I will refund as much as PayPal allows and contact the client immediately. If I am unable to contact the client for 6 months via email once a cancelation has been finalized, any remaining refund is forfeited. It is not the responsibility of SpiritPanda Costumes to hunt clients down by searching for other means of contact.


Shipping price will be determined once a costume is completed (this includes shipping supplies such as boxes, bags, bubble wrap, tape, actual shipping cost, insurance cost and such). I will invoice the client with the price owed and will not ship the costume out until the shipping is paid in full.

For US customers, items will be shipped via USPS. I require all items to be insured and tracked. I do not allow projects to be picked up locally.

I will hold completed costumes for no longer than 2 months. If shipping is not paid within that time frame, the completed parts and any money paid to SpiritPanda Costumes are forfeited to SpiritPanda Costumes. I reserve the right to alter completed parts and resell them if they are forfeited.

Items will ONLY be shipped to the address provided by Square. There are no exceptions to this.

For international customers, I will also ship via USPS and will insure/track the package. International shipping can be very expensive. I will NOT lie on Customs Forms. Providing false information on Customs Forms is illegal and I will not risk my business. International customers are fully responsible for their countries’ import fees and/or tariffs. These may apply IN ADDITION to the shipping fee paid to SpiritPanda Costumes.

Clients are responsible for all shipping fees in regards to sending DTDs, shoes or other supplies to SpiritPanda Costumes. This includes any import fees or tariffs if the client is shipping outside of the United States. If SpiritPanda Costumes is charged import fees or tariffs, I will invoice the client for these fees. These fees must be paid by the client before any work on the project begins.


Please remember that my costume pieces are individually handmade and may have some imperfections or inconsistencies.

If a costume arrives with a damaged box, please take pictures of the box before opening it.

If the costume inside is damaged, please take photos of the damage and contact SpiritPanda Costumes immediately so that USPS can be contacted.


All of my costumes have a 60 day warranty, beginning on the day the item is received. I am happy to repair holes, popped seams, places where adhesives fail and other problems where I would be at fault. Misuse of your costume may void any warranty. Any alterations not performed by me or approved by me voids the warranty.

Return shipping to me is not covered.

Large repairs may be discussed on a case by case basis and fees may apply.

Cleaning fees will apply if costumes are returned to me dirty.

Repairs outside of the warranty may be requested and are dependent on my current queue.

The client is responsible for the shipping fee to SpiritPanda Costumes, fees for the repairs and the shipping fee to send the costume back. I will only ship costumes back using USPS that is tracked and insured.

I am not responsible for repairs that may be needed due to incorrect measurements provided or improperly constructed DTDs.

If repair, cleaning or shipping fees are not paid within 60 days, the repair is considered abandoned and SpiritPanda Costumes may do what I wish to the costume in my possession. Costumes will likely be sent back in their current state.

**Premade costumes are not guaranteed to fit the buyer. These costumes are ones that are completed and then put up for sale. Adjustments will not be made to premades unless discussed with me before the purchase.

Social Media

SpiritPanda Costumes has the right to post work in progress and finished photos of commissioned costumes on various social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Patreon etc.) as I please.

I am happy to withhold progress and finished images to an agreed date, if desired by the client. This must be discussed before the retainer fee is paid.

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