Fallout New Vegas Console Commands Full List [2022] (2023)

It never hurts to have access to the full list of Fallout New Vegas console commands, even if you never actually intend to use them. And yes, many people would consider using these as a form of cheating, but there are situations where their use is justified.

The Gamebryo engine that this title is made with is notoriously buggy, and even till this day there are bugs that have not been patched. Instances where you get stuck inside a wall or quest markers don’t spawn can be quite common occurrences.

So to counteract these problems, let’s take a look at our Fallout New Vegas console commands guide.

All Fallout New Vegas Console Commands

In order to use console commands, players first have to boot up the game and either load a save or start a new game. Now they can open up the Console by pressing the tilde (~) key. This is usually found right below the Esc key on most keyboards. Pressing this will cause the game to pause, and a text bar will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen. You can input all of the commands here, and then press Enter to activate them.

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I would also like to clarify that when words like ‘Quest ID’ or ‘Form ID’ are mentioned in the article, we are highlighting the space where you would specify your own required parameters. A full list of quest, NPC and item IDs can be found on the official Fallout New Vegas wiki. You can also find out the unique ID of anything in the game by simply clicking on it when the Console is open. Unfortunately, we cannot list all IDs in the game here because they number in the thousands.

But with all of that out of the way, let’s jump into the full list of Fallout New Vegas console commands.

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Quest Relevant Commands

Fallout New Vegas Console Commands Full List [2022] (1)

The following Fallout New Vegas console commands all have to do with completing quests, or bypassing different objectives.



caqsThis command sort of breaks the game by completing every single quest, even ones you have not accepted. You essentially end the game without seeing the ending.
completequest[Quest ID]Automatically finish the currently active quest.
GetQuestCompletedThe game checks to see if the current quest has been completed. You will see a (1) if it’s complete and a (0) if it’s incomplete.
movetoqtTeleports the player to the target marker of the current quest.
coc [area name]Instantly teleport to a selected area anywhere in the game world.
resetquest[Quest ID]Restarts the mentioned quest and removes it from the quest log. This command may also force you to redo other quests that lead up to the current one.
setobjectivedisplayed [Quest ID] [Quest Stage Number] [1 or 0]Sets which quest objective is being displayed in your quest log. Use 1 to display and use 0 to remove.
setstage[Quest ID][Quest Stage Number]Changes the quest in your quest log to the stage you mention in the command. Useful for skipping past objectives that might be bugged.
showquestlogDisplays the quest log, which reveals every objective the player has completed so far.
sqtDisplays a list of all the current quest targets that have to be completed.

Reputation And Factions Commands

Fallout New Vegas Console Commands Full List [2022] (2)

These Fallout New Vegas console commands allow you to alter your reputation and standing with the many different factions within Fallout New Vegas. You should also check out our guide on Fallout 4 Factions after you’re done here.



addreputation [Form ID] [1 or 0] [amount]Increase the player’s reputation with a faction (The maximum value is 100). Use 1 to add reputation to your fame or use 0 to add reputation to your infamy.
removefromallfactionsThis command removes the player from every single faction in the game. And this includes the ‘Player’ faction.
removereputation [Form ID] [1 or 0] [amount]Decrease the player’s reputation with a faction (The minimum value is 0). Use 1 to remove reputation from your fame or use 0 to remove reputation from your infamy.
setally [Form ID 1] [Form ID 2] [1 or 0] [1 or 0]You can change the ‘Allied’ status of different factions towards each other. Add both IDs to the command and then either use 1 to set the faction as an ally or 0 to set it as a friend.
setenemy [Form ID 1] [Form ID 2] [1 or 0] [1 or 0]You can change the ‘Enemy’ status of different factions towards each other. Add both IDs to the command and then either use 1 to set the faction as neutral or 0 to set it as an enemy.
setreputation [Form ID] [1 or 0] [amount]Set the player’s reputation with a faction (The maximum value is 100 and the minimum value is 0). Use 1 to set reputation with fame or use 0 to set reputation with infamy.

Item Manipulation Commands

Fallout New Vegas Console Commands Full List [2022] (3)

Each of the following Fallout New Vegas console commands relate to items in the game. These include weapons, containers, doors, terminals, traps, etc.



activate [Form ID]Any objects with multiple settings like switches or radios can have their state changed by the Form ID mentioned.
clearownershipRemove ownership of an item by left clicking on it and them typing in this command.
lock [lock level]Left click on any door, safe or terminal and then use this command to lock it instantly. The [Lock Level] determines the difficulty of the lock.
unlockLeft click on any door, safe or terminal and then use this command to unlock it instantly. This does not work on locks that were intended to be inaccessible by design.
player.additem [Form ID] [amount]Add an item to your inventory in the amount you indicated.
player.additemhealthpercent [Form ID] [amount] [quality]Add an item to your inventory at the exact health condition that you specify.
player.removeitem [Form ID] [amount]Remove an item from your inventory in the amount you indicated.
player.addnote [Form ID]Add the chosen note to your inventory.
player.removenote [Form ID]Remove the chosen note from your inventory.
player.setweaponhealthperc [percentage]This changes the health of the player’s currently equipped weapon to the percentage mentioned. At 100 the weapon will be fully repaired and a 0 it would break.
player.showinventoryDisplays the player’s inventory items and all of their ID’s.
player.srmYou can self-repair items up to your current points in the repair skill.
resetinventoryLeft click on a container and then use this command to reset all of the contents to before you took them.
setownershipGain ownership of an item by left clicking on it and them typing in this command.
setpccanusepowerarmor 1All power armor in the game is now wearable. If you could already wear it, typing 0 instead of 1 will make you no longer be able to wear it.

Power armor in this game does not require Fusion Cores like in Fallout 4 or Fallout 76.

Player Manipulation Commands

Fallout New Vegas Console Commands Full List [2022] (4)

These Fallout New Vegas console commands allow you to alter the players own skills, stats and other relevant attributes. If you want to learn how to increase you skills without cheats, you can check out our Fallout New Vegas Skill Book guide here.



RewardKarma [number]The game rewards the player with Karma, depending on the numbers used. Negative numbers subtract Karma.
player.setscale [scale]You can set the scale of the player character. The scale ranges from 0.1, which is extremely small, to 10, which is gigantic.
player.getavGives players the current value of skills or S.P.E.C.I.A.L. amount.
player.modav [ActorValue] [value]Add or remove the specified value from the Skills or S.P.E.C.I.A.L. amount. The [Actor Value] is where you mention the skill name.
player.restoreav [ActorValue] [value]Increases a stat by the specified value until it reaches the maximum allowed. The [Actor Value] is where you mention the stat name.
player.damageav [ActorValue] [value]Decreases a stat by the specified value until it reaches the minimum allowed. The [Actor Value] is where you mention the stat name.
player.forceav [ActorValue] [value]Set the exact value of a Skill or S.P.E.C.I.A.L. level. Skills range from 1 and 100, while S.P.E.C.I.A.L.s range from 1 and 10. The [Actor Value] is the skill name.
player.advlevelThis command increases your level by one, but you do not gain the experience points. And although you gain all perks and skill points, you cannot level up again until you have earned all of the necessary experience points required to level up in the first place.
player.rewardxp [value]Give yourself experience points equal to the amount specified in the command. Levels gained are granted instantly.
showracemenuAllows you to edit your character’s race anytime.
showbarbermenuYou can edit your character’s hair anytime.
shownamemenuAllows you to rename your character anytime.
showplasticsurgeonmenuYour character’s face can be changed anytime.
sexchangeAllows you to change your character’s gender anytime.
player.agerace [number]Change your character’s age whenever. 1 is for child, 2 is for adult and 3 is for elder.
showtraitmenuThe player can re-pick all of their traits.
showsleepwaitmenu 1This opens up the sleep/wait menu. Unlike waiting in Fallout 4, you can actually bring up this menu anywhere.
player.showrecipemenu [category]You can open up the crafting menu of any workstation with the relevant Form ID.
player.addperk [Form ID]You can give your character any selected perk.
player.removeperk [Form ID]You can remove any selected perk from your character.
player.setav speedmult [percentage]Changes you character’s movement speed by the percentage specified.
player.setlevel [number]The player can set their level to whatever number they choose.
player.resethealthCompletely restore all of your health.
player.sethardcore [number]If you use 1 with this command it activates hardcore mode, while 0 disables it.

Actor Manipulation Commands

Fallout New Vegas Console Commands Full List [2022] (5)

This selection of Fallout New Vegas console commands allow you to alter the values of any non-player NPCs or enemies.

(Video) How to Get 100 in All Skills in Fallout: New Vegas & Ace The Early Game THE RIGHT WAY



Addperk [Form ID]Left click on an NPC and them use this command to give them the chosen perk.
resurrectRevive any NPC and completely refresh their inventory. NPCs killed as part of quests do no revive with this command.
KillKill any NPC in the game. Killing NPCs important to quests may cause you to fail missions.
KillallKill any and all NPCs in your immediate surroundings.
tdetectTurns off NPC detection, allowing the player to be hidden permanently.
RdfCompletely reset the dialogue tree of a selected NPC.
player.placeatme [Form ID]Spawn any creature, NPC, container, etc. directly on top of you.
addtofaction [faction id] [X]Make any selected NPC the member of a specific faction. Substitute the [X] with 1 to make the NPC an ally of the faction or 0 if you simply want to make them friendly.
removefromfaction [faction id]Remove selected NPC from a specific faction.
tcaiTurn off selected NPC’s combat AI. They do not fight anymore.
taiToggle an NPC’s AI.
OpenTeammateContainer 1Open up the inventory of any NPC in the game. You can trade items back and forth as if they were your companions.
SetRestrained 1The selected NPC will stand completely still and not engage in any combat or do anything.
setscale [number]You can set the scale of a selected NPC. The scale ranges from 0.1, which is extremely small, to 10, which is gigantic.
agerace [number]Change an NPC’s age. 1 is for child, 2 is for adult and 3 is for elder.
matchrace [Form ID]Change a selected NPC’s race. The Form ID of a different NPC determines the race itself.
getbaseobjectDisplays Form ID for all commands that require the parameter.

Display Manipulation Commands

Our final batch of Fallout New Vegas console commands let the player tweak the camera and visuals of the game.

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Be careful that you don’t accidentally break your save.



tfc [X]Activate free camera.
fovChange the viewmodel Field of Vision to the maximum amount.
fov [X]Change the viewmodel Field of Vision to the value specified.
sgtm [X]Change the speed of time in the game. [X] is the multiplier by which the speed will change.
sucsm [X]Change UFO cam movement speed. [X] is the multiplier by which the speed will change.
tclAllows players to freely move without clipping. This is perfect for when you get stuck in a wall or anything similar.
TdtShow debug display.
tfowYou can toggle the fog of war with this command.
tgToggle grass in the world.
tlbDisables all lighting and shadowing in the game. All materials appear at full brightness.
tlvToggle leaves in the world.
tmm [1 or 0]Toggle all map markers on or off. Use 1 to show and 2 to disappear.
tpThis toggles the view of projectiles and other spawns.
tgmTurn on God Mode. You get infinite health, infinite ammo, no reloading and you can carry unlimited items.
tdmTurn on Demigod Mode. You get infinite health and you can carry unlimited items. You do however have limited ammunition and you have to reload.
EnablePlayerControlsAllows control of your character whenever a cutscene plays out.
disableSelect an object and remove it from the game.
enableBring back objects previously removed with the ‘disable’ command.
markfordeleteSelect an object and mark it for deletion. The next time the area it’s in loads, it will be removed.
zapInstantly delete a selected object from the game.
tcgToggle visibility of collision geometry.
twfWireframe toggle.
tmSwitch your HUD on or off.
tvlToggle the VATS system’s lights.

This has been eXputer’s Fallout New Vegas Console Commands guide. While you’re here, why not also check out our Digimon Rearise Tier List.

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Does Fallout: New Vegas have console commands? ›

To open the console, tap the backquote (`) or tilde (~) key (they're the same key). The game will pause, the UI will vanish, and you'll see a cursor appear in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. That's where you input your console commands. After typing a command, press enter.

Can you still get achievements with console commands Fallout: New Vegas? ›

Simply opening the console will not disable achievements; a command must be entered and run via the console. In either case, achievements can be re-enabled by exiting the game completely and re-loading the game. Loading a saved game in which the console has been used will not disable achievements.

What happens if you use console commands in New Vegas? ›

WARNING: Using console commands in the Steam version of Fallout: New Vegas will prevent you from obtaining achievements for that session! To re-enable them, exit the game and start it again. Make sure you do this before completing a quest or achievement.

Why are console commands not working Fallout: New Vegas? ›

It's due to the fact that a device on your computer is not working in conjunction with the command prompt in Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 3. Hit start, type in Device Manager. Go to Human Interface devices, uninstal Microsoft Infared receiver.

How many voice lines are in FNV? ›

How Obsidian expanded the Fallout: New Vegas universe with 10,000 lines of dialogue.

What is the max level in New Vegas? ›

In Fallout: New Vegas, level 30 is the standard maximum level attainable for any character. Installing each of the add-on packs Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, and Lonesome Road raises the maximum level by five. With all four installed, the maximum level reaches 50.

Does turning skulls on disable achievements? ›

As far as I know, using skulls only disables timing and scoring achievements. All other achievements will unlock even with skulls enabled. Check your Achievements app to see if they're stuck at "100% - Unlocking..." That happened to me for a bunch of achievements and they unlocked after about a day.

Does turning on God mode disable achievements? ›

God Mode does not disable achievements or trophy collection in the game. It's there to give players the option of enjoying the game and story with an easier challenge and has no penalty whatsoever.

Does SV cheat disable achievements? ›

After using cheats, achievements will be disabled until you start a new "session", either by starting a New Game from the main menu or by re-launching the game.

Can you max out all skills in FNV? ›

With two or more DLCs installed, 10 Intelligence, the Educated perk, and having consumed roughly 20 skill books, it is entirely possible to max out skill points by level 40. With all four DLCs (max level 50) it is possible to max out all skills even with low intelligence.

Does FNV have an ending? ›

Fallout New Vegas has four 'main' endings: supporting House, supporting the NCR, backing Caesar's Legion, or working with Yes Man for an independent New Vegas. There are also variations on these, such as killing Caesar and allowing the Legion to win with Legate Lanius in charge.

Can you go over 100 on a skill in New Vegas? ›

Epic Skills adds effects for building your skills above 100 (and, of course, allows you to continue adding to them past 100). It includes new abilities and the ability to see skills' actual post-100 values.

How do I remove Mr House as a threat to the NCR? ›

House as a threat to the NCR. Obtain a Lucky 38 VIP Keycard. Return to Colonel Moore and report that Mr. House is no longer a threat.

How do I talk to TS Wallace? ›

Speak to Wallace

Speak with Wallace through the door, and attempt to convince him to join the Institute. Use persuasive dialogue to either threaten him or calm him down. Be persistent, and you should be able to eventually convince Wallace to join the faction's cause.

How do I activate God Mode in Fallout: New Vegas? ›

To use the following cheat codes, press the tilde key (~) during gameplay and type the cheat code at the prompt.
Fallout: New Vegas PC Cheat Codes.
Cheat CodeEffect
tgmEnables God mode.
tclEnables No-Clip mode.
QQQQuits the game quickly.
resurrectResurrect selected dead NPC or enemy.
17 more rows
15 Mar 2021

What is the best gun in FNV? ›

Found in the Devil's Throat inside a blue truck is the CZ57 Avenger, a unique minigun that has the highest DPS weapon out of any weapon in Fallout: New Vegas. With a maxed Gun skill and related perks, the CZ57 Avenger can dish out an insane 649.7 DPS rating.

Which FNV ending is best? ›

House would be the best ending for Vegas itself, but the NCR is the best ending for the whole of the Mojave, despite its corruption and taxes. The Legion would rule with an iron fist, and collapse as soon as Caesar dies. In the Independent ending there wouldn't be much stability in the Mojave at all.

What FNV ending is canon? ›

No ending is canon. Whether you stormed the dam alongside NCR Troopers and Rangers, legionaries of Caesars Legion, robots of Mr. House or the coalition of powers backing the Courier and Yes Man, there is no coherent ending confirmed by Obsidian.

Is Logan's loophole worth it? ›

It is worth it. It's the strongest trait in the game by far. You don't even need to remove it in the autodoc if you want it, although it is recommended.

Does FNV have a level cap? ›

By design, the base game of Fallout New Vegas has a level 30 cap. After reaching this level, players will see “Max” written beside the XP bar. This indicates that the level progression in the game can not be exceeded further beyond this point.

What gives the most XP in Fallout: New Vegas? ›

Typically, completing quests is the fastest way to earn xp. Some of the side quests (usually the achievement quests) net you a large sum of experience. Now, if you need to gain a lot of experience, finishing dlcs will earn you the most xp.

Does Grunt Funeral disable achievements? ›

Cowbell/Boom. IWHBYD, Blind and Grunt Birthday Party/Grunt Funeral will still allow achievements to be unlocked.

Does bandana skull disable challenges? ›

Mission/campaign completion achievements unlock regardless of chosen skulls. It's score/time-based achievements that are disabled.

Does Grunt Birthday Party disable achievements infinite? ›

I hope that helps. Was this reply helpful? Grunt Birthday wont affect the achievements but the Bandana may. Was this reply helpful?

What happens if you beat Hades on God Mode? ›

Turning God Mode on gives you a permanent 20% damage reduction buff, and each time you die with God Mode enabled, that buff will increase by 2%.

Can you still unlock achievements offline? ›

Your console must be connected to the Xbox network. To complete challenges and unlock achievements, your Xbox console can't be set to offline.

How do you get the golden god achievement? ›

How to unlock the I'm A Golden God! achievement. In order for one to achieve this you must get an A+ for the light world levels, complete the dark worlds, and collect all bandages.

Does Sv_cheats 1 disable achievements Black Mesa? ›

Black Mesa

^Self-explanatory. So is the answer. You can turn on cheats, no-clip and then turn cheats off. Achievements are only disabled when cheats are enabled.

Does easy mode disable achievements? ›

Yes, you can still get trophies/achievements in Easy. You just have to stay in Survival and not use any cheats. One other caveat: Any achievements that depend on hostile mob drops could be more challenging in Easy, since spawn rates are lower. But there's nothing preventing you from changing difficulty as needed.

Does CC Content disable achievements? ›

Using Creation Club will not disable achievements/trophies. This is because Creation Club content goes through full testing, unlike Mods, which we could not possibly test all scenarios in which they work in the game.

How many hours is FNV? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Fallout: New Vegas is about 27 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 131 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What is the strongest enemy in FNV? ›

10 Most Powerful Enemies In Fallout New Vegas
  • 8/10 Legendary Fire Gecko.
  • 7/10 Legendary Cazador.
  • 6/10 Legendary Night Stalker.
  • 5/10 Legendary Deathclaw.
  • 4/10 Deathclaw Alpha Male.
  • 3/10 Deathclaw Mother.
  • 2/10 Hardened Sentrybot.
  • 1/10 Legate Lanius.
14 Mar 2021

Can you max skill tree forbidden West? ›

Can You Get All the Skills in One Playthrough? Yes, you can unlock all Skills in all skill trees in Horizon Forbidden West. However, to do so, you will need to earn enough Skill Points.

What is Ulysses real name FNV? ›

Ulysses S. Grant is mentioned in Fallout 3, the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road, and Fallout 76.

What is the hardest DLC in Fallout: New Vegas? ›

Lonesome Road is the hardest. Honest Hearts is the easiest.

Who is Benny based on FNV? ›

Benny's voice actor, Matthew Perry, is best known for his decade long role as Chandler Bing on the hit 1990s situation comedy Friends. Benny himself bears a striking resemblance to Perry. Benny's appearance is a reference to Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel, who is often thought of as the father of modern-day Las Vegas.

Is charisma worth it FNV? ›

Charisma still helps with vendor prices and how companions fight, also unlocks some dialogue you won't see without high enough charisma.

Is skilled a good trait in FNV? ›

Without bugs, Skilled is an incredible trait, granting +5 points to every skill in the game while reducing experience gains by 10%. That negative sounds bad, but the amount of experience New Vegas throws at you makes the negative not noticeable. With bugs, Skilled is overpowered.

How many times can you legendary a skill? ›

When a Legendary skill is mastered, it can be made Legendary again. This effectively removes any level cap, since the player can continue to maximize then reset skills an infinite number of times.

Can Yes Man help NCR? ›

You can do Yes Man either to the point of installing him in the Lucky 38 mainframe OR do all side-quests for him (but not both). You can do NCR up until either the BoS or Kimball. The Legion is the shortest: doing anything over "blowing up" the bunker locks out everything else.

Can the Brotherhood of Steel join Yes Man? ›

Although the Brotherhood of Steel will not side with the Courier and Yes Man, one has three solutions: Destroy Hidden Valley.

Can Brotherhood of Steel join NCR? ›

You can not get BoS and NCR to fight together in the endgame, but you can get them together.

Should I tell the Minutemen to stand down? ›

Assuming you'd like to continue The Institute storyline, tell The Minutemen to stand down and be sure not to kill any Institute forces.

How can I impress Preston Garvey? ›

You can earn some affinity by bringing him to some places you would like to construct or add something to already existing settlements. Creating some high-tech mods, for guns and armor, will also earn his respect. During your adventures, you will find Preston in the town named Concord.

How do I recruit Preston Garvey? ›

How to recruit Preston Garvey, leader of the Minutemen. Preston used to be bugged, but he's been fixed. He'll be happy to join as your companion once you rescue the Minutemen at Concord as part of the main quest, then establish them at Sanctuary Hills via short side quest slash tutorial.

How long does God mode last? ›

Nonetheless, do remember that once you buy this pack, it stays dynamic for 14 days. So utilize this mod for the following fourteen days, before it ends!

How do I open God Mode? ›

Quick guide: Activate Windows God Mode
  1. Right-click on a free space on the desktop.
  2. Click on “New” and “Folder”.
  3. Enter the folder name GodMode. {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}.
  4. The God Mode folder will now appear on the desktop with all the control panel functions.
4 Mar 2022

Does Fallout have console commands? ›

How to Activate Fallout 4 Console Commands. To activate Fallout 4's in-game console, simply press the tilde key on the keyboard, just beside the “1” key in the top left corner. Certain keyboards may require the apostrophe key instead, if the tilde doesn't work.

How do you cheat items in Fallout: New Vegas? ›

player.additem <form id> <amount> – get the indicated amount of the selected item. Example: player.additem 0000000f 200 - adds 200 caps to the player money/inventory.

What is the give command in Fallout: New Vegas? ›

Give perk (“addperk <baseid>”) – Choose an NPC and type the perk you want to give them. It's a great command to run when you desperately need some perks. Revive an NPC (“resurrect <base id>”) – You can bring the character back to life with all the items in the inventory replenished.

How do I open console commands? ›

The console is normally accessed by pressing the backtick key ` (frequently also called the ~ key; normally located below the ESC key) on QWERTY keyboards or the ² on AZERTY keyboards, and is usually hidden by default.

How do you spawn a power armor frame? ›

placeatme 225A5F". The frame spawns in, I place a power core in it, then click "E" to modify the armor at a power armor crafting station.

What are console commands? ›

Console Commands are an essential tool that players can use to enter cheats into the game. To enter Skyrim cheats into the PC Commands Console, hit ~ (or the key above Tab) to bring up the developer console, and enter these codes for the desired effect. Console commands are NOT case-sensitive.

Does Fallout 4 have guns? ›

As far as small guns go in Fallout 4, shotguns do some of the most damage, and the Le Fusil Terribles is no exception. Its effect even adds 25% more damage, even though the downside to it is that it gives this gun a lot more recoil.

Can you get 100 in all skills FNV? ›

Maxed skills. With all DLCs, it becomes fairly trivial to max out all your skills at 100. At the base level, you need 1300 skill points for complete maximization (100 points for 13 skills). At level 1, you get 45 skill points for free (from your 3 Tag!

How do you cheat to unlock all items? ›

Here's how to unlock all items in the game:
  1. While in the game, use the Ctrl + Shift + C shortcut to open the cheat console.
  2. Type in bb. ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement and hit the Enter key.
  3. Alternatively, type in bb. showliveeditobjects to unlock all objects in the Build mode.
25 Jul 2022

What is the strongest weapon in FNV? ›

Fallout New Vegas: 10 Most Powerful Weapons In The Gun Runner's Arsenal DLC
  • 8/10 Nuka-Grenade.
  • 7/10 Fat Mine.
  • 6/10 Sleepytyme.
  • 5/10 Gehenna.
  • 4/10 Sprtel-Wood 9700.
  • 3/10 Nuka-Breaker.
  • 2/10 Medicine Stick.
  • 1/10 Esther.
14 Mar 2021

How do I get NCR Ranger armor? ›

This armor can be found on NCR Veteran Rangers throughout the game in areas occupied by the NCR (e.g. Camp Golf, the NCR Ranger Safehouse, Ranger Station Bravo, Camp Forlorn Hope, etc.) or if the Courier is labeled a terrorist by the NCR, as there will be ranger kill-squads sent to eliminate them.

How do I use the Fill command? ›

Go to a specific corner of the area you want to fill and record its coordinates. Then go to the opposite corner of that area and record its coordinates. It has to be diagonally opposite to the first corner you selected. You need to note down the X, Y, and Z coordinates of both spots separately.

How do you use the pardon command? ›

To use the /pardon command, you must be an operator of the Minecraft server. The /pardon command is used to remove a banned player from the server's blacklist (or ban list). The player will then be allowed to connect to the Minecraft server again.

Can Xbox use console commands? ›

No, you can't use console commands on any platform but PC, unfortunately.

How do I find Quest ID? ›

To find the quest-ID you first need to go into the quest. There are two places you can find the quest-ID when inside the quest. It does not matter which tab you are in, just scroll down to the bottom of the page, there you will see a grey bar containing the quest-ID. You can also find it in the URL.


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