7 Hotel Chains That DON'T Allow Pets (2021) (2023)

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Did you know that some hotel chains and brands don’t allow pets?

I know, it’s crazy especially since cats are dogs are basically a member of most folks families.

But sometimes, you just want to escape the pet fur in the rooms or just the plain presence of animals.

That’s why some hotels don’t allow pets at all (except service animals of course).

So whether if you’re allergic to dogs or cats, or just don’t want to be in the presence of barking animals in the hotel lobby and hallways, there’s a hotel for you!

Below you’ll find a list that we compiled of all hotel chains that DON’Tallow pets.

Hotels That Don’t Allow Pets

Note that some hotels’ pet policies vary from location to location. For example, a Courtyard Marriott in Charleston, SC can be pet friendly while one in Las Vegas may not allow pets.

So with that being said, here are all the pet unfriendly hotel chains.

1. Disneyland Hotels

7 Hotel Chains That DON'T Allow Pets (2021) (1)
  • Disneyland Hotel
  • Grand Californian
  • Paradise Pier

2. MGM Resorts International

7 Hotel Chains That DON'T Allow Pets (2021) (2)
  • Aria
  • Circus Circus
  • Excalibur
  • Luxor
  • Mandalay Bay
  • MGM Grand Detroit
  • New York New York
  • Signature

3. Sandals Resorts

7 Hotel Chains That DON'T Allow Pets (2021) (3)
  • All properties do not allow pets.


7 Hotel Chains That DON'T Allow Pets (2021) (4)
  • All properties do not allow pets.

5. Walt Disney World Hotels

7 Hotel Chains That DON'T Allow Pets (2021) (5)
  • All-Star Movies
  • All-Star Music
  • All-Star Sports
  • Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • Beach Club
  • Boardwalk
  • Caribbean Beach
  • Contemporary
  • Coronado Springs Resort
  • Grand Floridian
  • Old Key West
  • Polynesian Village
  • Pop Century
  • Pro Orleans French Quarters
  • Saratoga Springs
  • Wilderness Lodge

6. Wynn

7 Hotel Chains That DON'T Allow Pets (2021) (6)
  • Wynn Las Vegas
  • Encore Las Vegas


7 Hotel Chains That DON'T Allow Pets (2021) (7)
  • All properties do not allow pets.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you find the best pet-free hotel that meets your needs.



7 Hotel Chains That DON'T Allow Pets (2021) (8)

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Reader Interactions


  1. Ramsey

    These people are absolutely right!! I have to carry a carry on bag of medication because of these people with their animals. When did a dog come before a persons health!


  2. Chicke

    Yep there was a lady in one of the rooms of the hotel I was staying at and she had 3 yes ..3 yappers with her on her vacation .. she would make a big deal that she was having such a wonderful time with them .. does it get any worse ??? I have to carry my inhaler & meds because of these stupid people ..


    (Video) Who is Becca? - Talking Tom & Friends | Season 4 Episode 9
  3. Anonymous

    It’s like we’re being force to accept and tolerate the nastiness. You can tell once u walk in the room a dog was there.


  4. Nicke

    It’s overly ridiculous and nasty. Most places now are violating our health. Especially nasty people with pets.


  5. Chicke

    How about when it’s but is in a grocery cart where you are going to put your food … ugh


  6. Levarne Jones

    I don’t want to stay in no hotel where there.is pets


  7. Anonymous

    Love dogs like anyone else but I don’t need to be sleeping after a animal that licks it ass and smears dog shit all over your pillow case. Not to mention fleas. Incredibly stupid.


    (Video) Why Airbnb Fails to Disrupt the Hotel Industry

  8. Anonymous

    It’s time us non-pet lover stand up


  9. Anonymous



  10. Chicke

    And people take full advantage of the word “service” … yes there are REAL service animals & then there are just PETS that are claimed to be some type of service…


  11. Susan Brown

    A service dog is NOT a pet! Service dogs are trained for a certain individual for a specific disability. A pet is not required to have ANY level of training!


  12. Marie Eveline

    Wow I see I’m not the only one. I’m staying in the extended stay of America where they have specific rooms for dogs but!! God forbid I want to wash clothes in their laundry room designated for guests….ALL I SEE IS DOG HAIR!! Everywhere! THESE PET OWNERS ARE A MENACE! Clean up after your pet! Imagine what their house looks like (blahhh)


  13. Rebecca

    (Video) Tracy Shuchart @chigrl (Commodities Deep Dive)

    Found that Sleep Inns ONLY allow service pets. The 2 I’ve stayed on my June trip were by far cleaner than the pet friendly lodges. We have 2 dogs and 3 cats. They are all well cared for, but all stay OUTDOORS in THEIR natural environment. Can’t do the hair, pee, poop, messes, nor odors. Hard enough to keep a home clean w kids, gkids, spouse, family and friends, and most of them practice good hygiene…yep.


  14. crabbyolddad

    I’ve spent several occasions in hotels that accept pets. At best, it was tolerable, but for the most part the experiences were annoying to say the least. Fido can stay home at the pet motel in your neighborhood. I don’t need him snarling at me in the halls, barking all day and night in the room while the owners are out partying, and generally annoying me during my stay. As for the list above, it is essentially useless. unless I opt to visit the extremely limited locations mentioned, I’m screwed.

    And at the veery least, the hotels can isolate the animal rooms from the rest of the rooms.


  15. Annoyied

    It is not fair. Animals take priority.


  16. Anonymous

    👍🏻100000 % agree


  17. Chicke

    As with everything else going on in the world, pet owners are out of control & im sick of it. When did it become that an animal is more important that a human being. I’m an asthma sufferer and tired of my vacations ruined by somebody’s pet. It’s really the owners not the pet itself that needs to be more responsible for the stupidity of it all. Really? get an effing life & leave the dog for 10 mins. Or better yet but it in a kennel not a hotel room .. God forbid


  18. Dan

    I completely agree with all posts against animals in hotels, EVER. And might I add in grocery stores, home improvement stores, furniture stores, ok I’ll say it, in any place of retail except Petco or Petsmart. I love dogs I tolerate cats since some that are allowed to run free have urinated in 3 of my vehicles. I’ve seen dogs held in arms with their heads in the case sniffing the donuts while “Mommy” is leaning over to make her selection so I went elsewhere for my whole purchase. This pet owner “drag my part everywhere” revolution has got to stop soon. I travel about 50-75% and my company makes me stay in Hilton and IHG properties with coworkers and everyone’s dogs, not such a great thing. I could possibly deal with “some” 1st floor rooms being the only pet friendly rooms to minimize the interface but they need to use the side doors. Sorry if this sounds prejudiced against dogs and cats but they don’t carry the rights as people, they are ANIMALS not kids or humans beings.


    (Video) Hootie & The Blowfish - Let Her Cry (Official Music Video)

  19. Jared

    animals are…. animals. they are not family and there should be waaaay more places that prohibit animals inside. leave them home with friend or put them in a kennel. and, yes, i had a dog before and i cried for some stupid reason when i gave her away after 7 years. she was still just an animal at the end of the day.


  20. Anne Davis

    Hopefully hotel will stop catering to selfish pet owners.


  21. Anonymous

    I am actually allergic to pet dander and find it increasingly difficult to find hotels that don’t allow pets. Even if they clean well, I still struggle in pet-friendly hotels. For many people, pets are a part of their family but for many of us, they are not. We need to find a happy medium.


  22. Linda

    I completely agree with you. I simply can’t find an upscale hotel that is not pet friendly in Chicago. I will have to rent a vacation home during my visit


  23. Anonymous

    I totally agree and am over staying in hotels that allow pets. When did pets start become more important than people? Dogs have interrupted our sleep for the last several days at a Hampton Inn. We also have a 1 and4 year old. From large dogs to small happy dogs. Dogs are taking over and ruining non dog owners or owners who don’t travel with their dogs time in the hotel.


  24. Tracey

    Dogs and cats are animals. Pet owners don’t smell their animals in their own homes. However, a non pet owners such as myself can smell that stinky wet dog smell or that slightly stale urine smell of cats as soon as I enter a hotel room that has housed animals. It’s putrid, heavy and gets worse if it’s a damp day. Sorry for the brutal honesty Family or no family dogs and cats are animals. I can bathe my humans and they don’t smell like wet a dog or stale urine long after they’ve left the building.


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Is hotel for dogs on Disney? ›

Best Friends Pet Hotel offers peace of mind to Walt Disney World Resort Guests traveling with pets. Only service animals are permitted in theme parks, Disney Springs, water parks or on Disney Transportation. Best Friends Pet Hotel includes: 17,000 square feet of air-conditioned indoor space.

Can dogs stay in a Premier Inn? ›

Can I bring my pet to a Premier Inn hotel? Unfortunately, with the exception of registered assistance dogs, we don't allow pets to stay at our hotels.

Will my dog be okay in the hotel room? ›

Can you leave your dog alone in a hotel room? It largely depends on your dog and the hotel. Some won't allow you to leave your dog alone in the room at all, whereas others might ask you to leave them in a crate to prevent them possibly damaging furniture or going to the toilet in the room.

How do you say no dogs allowed? ›

You can simply tell someone not to bring their dogs to your house by letting them know that you appreciate their company but you are not comfortable with their dogs accompanying them. You must be bold about it, let them know about your no-dog rule via a chat or a friendly call before they arrive at your place.

Is Universal Studios pet friendly? ›

Service Animals are welcome in all of our restaurant and merchandise locations, attraction queues and most other locations throughout Universal Studios Hollywood. Please stop by Guest Relations to register your Service Animal and obtain a Riders Guide. Pets however, are prohibited from the Park and CityWalk.

What happened to the dogs from hotel for dogs? ›

Happily, 14 dogs were adopted by crewmembers and others as a result of the film. (The other dogs used in the film now live with trainers or on the trainers' ranch.)

Is Holiday Inn dog friendly? ›

Your pet must be kept on a leash when it is in the hotel or on hotel property, unless it is in your room. Note that pets are not allowed in our restaurant, pool and hot tub area, or any other common area of the hotel other than to move from your guestroom to the outdoors, and to return.

What happens if you vape in a hotel room? ›

If you get caught vaping in a hotel room the most likely outcome would be you getting hit with a cleaning fee. This fee could easily be $200 to $300.

Can I bring my cat to a hotel? ›

Absolutely, but it might take some research first. Some hotel chains like Kimpton have a blanket policy of accepting all animals including cats. Other hotels might say they're pet-friendly when really, they mean dog-friendly.

How do you keep a dog quiet in a hotel? ›

Your Dog's 1st Hotel Stay: 5 Ways to Keep Him Calm
  1. Arrive at the Hotel in a Calm State.
  2. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise.
  3. Bring a Scent of Home.
  4. Turn on White Noise.
  5. Maintain Your Schedule.
5 Jun 2018

Can dogs sleep on hotel beds? ›

If the hotel bed is covered by a comforter, remove it before allowing your dog on the bed. If your dog doesn't sleep with you, consider what you'll bring for your dog's bedding. (Some hotels have loaner beds.)

Should you take your dog everywhere? ›

If going in public seems to trigger your dog's misbehavior, reconsider taking him everywhere with you. Some dogs are simply more anxious than others and find public settings overstimulating. But even if your pup can't hit the town with you, you can still find plenty of ways to bond and have fun at home.

How do you say no to a pet? ›

“No” should be said calmly and should mean, “That is not a behavior that I want.” “No” can also be a “no reward marker.” It can just mean that the dog will not get a reward for that behavior. I use “no” whenever I walk away from my dogs to ignore them if they have done something I don't want them to do again.

How do I tell someone I don't want to pet sit? ›

How to politely say no to a pet sitting job
  1. Remain calm and polite at all times.
  2. Start with a positive; so thank the client for their interest in your services.
  3. Jot down some of the reasons why you are declining the job and plan what you are going to say to your client.
21 May 2021

Do any Disney resorts allow dogs? ›

Yes. As part of this new pilot program, four out of our 26 resorts, have designated dog-friendly rooms. The four include Disney's Yacht Club Resort, Disney Port Orleans Resort – Riverside and Disney's Art of Animation Resort and the Cabins at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground.

Is Disneyland dog friendly? ›

Service animals are welcome inside the Disneyland theme park, though they are not permitted to go on some rides for safety reasons. Pet dogs are allowed, too. While pups aren't able to frolic inside the park with their humans, Disneyland offers a doggy daycare at the main entrance for just $20 a day per pet.

Are dogs allowed at Downtown Disney? ›

According to the Disneyland Resort Rules, pets or other animals are not allowed inside the theme parks or Downtown Disney District. As always, service animals are welcome so if your dog is a service animal then you would be allowed to bring it to the A Touch of Disney event and into the Downtown Disney District.

What breeds of dogs are in hotel for dogs? ›

Many different types of dogs can be seen in the film: Lenny is a Bullmastiff, Georgia is a Boston Terrier, Cooper is an English Bulldog, Shep is a Border Collie, Romeo is a Chinese Crested Dog, Juliet is a Poodle and Henry is a Beauceron.

Is hotel for dogs sad? ›

The movie has no foul language, though there is some mild scatological humor regarding the animals. All in all, HOTEL FOR DOGS is charming family entertainment, but some scary, sad moments require caution for younger children.

What is the dogs name in hotel for dogs? ›

Cosmo the Dog as Friday, Andi and Bruce's pet dog. He is a Jack Russell Terrier.

Do Holiday Cottages accept cats? ›

Many holiday cottages are pet-friendly nowadays and some are also now welcoming cats.

Which UK hotel chains allow dogs? ›

HotelF1 is a dog friendly hotel chain. Travelodge have 500 hotels across the UK, and all of them are dog friendly allowing up to two pets per room. Best Western has more than 1,600 pet-friendly hotels across the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean.

Where can I take my cat on holiday UK? ›

1 Jul 2020

Will a vape set off a smoke detector in a hotel room? ›

It is a common misconception that because the vapour isn't smoke, vaping won't set off smoke alarms. Depending on the type of smoke detector, small amounts of vapour could indeed set alarm bells ringing. This isn't just applicable to hotel rooms, but you could risk setting off the fire alarm in other places also.

Will a vape set off a smoke detector in a hospital room? ›

Unlike conventional cigarettes, these battery-powered versions create vapor as a byproduct, not smoke. Despite this, they can still set off a fire alarm if you blow vapor directly into it. All smoke alarms are sensitive to small, airborne particles.

Can I vape in hotel bathroom? ›

Conclusion. Vaping is banned in hotel rooms. Even though no smoke or tobacco is involved hotels treat vaping the same as smoking. It's probably best not to vape inside your hotel room and it might be better for other guests and the staff of the hotel if you go outside onto a balcony or to a designated smoking area.

How do you cat proof a hotel? ›

Save the room and your wallet.

First, ensure that windows and balcony doors are shut firmly. Ask hotel staff to remove any furniture or furnishings that your cat might use to sharpen his claws, or you can cap his claws before traveling to ensure they can't do any damage.

How do I keep my cat calm in a hotel? ›

Bring along some calming treats, his favorite toys, and a cat calming defuser. You might also consider a kitty Thundershirt, which swaddles your cat to help him feel less anxious. If you're concerned about your cat “marking his territory,” it might also be worthwhile to bring some cat-specific stain and odor remover.

Does pet-friendly mean cat friendly? ›

Yes "cats" are also included under "pet friendly".

Can dogs bark in a hotel? ›

Most dogs bark in the hotel room because of sounds they are not familiar with and because they feel anxious being in a new place. As much as dogs love to travel with their owners versus being left in a boarding kennel, they struggle with changes in their routines.

How do you travel with a dog in a hotel? ›

Tips and best practices during your stay
  1. Inform the staff during check-in that you've brought a pet. ...
  2. Keep your dog on a leash while inside the hotel. ...
  3. If you must leave your pet unattended for a short time, bring a crate. ...
  4. Inform housekeeping if your pet has an accident.

Are dogs allowed on the Vegas Strip? ›

Yes, you can walk your dog on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip! From 5 am until noon, dogs on a leash 3 feet or shorter can walk both sides of Las Vegas Boulevard for seven miles between Sahara Avenue and Sunset Road. Outside of the designated hours, dogs are not allowed within 200 yards of Las Vegas Boulevard.

What does pet-friendly motel mean? ›

Pet–friendly hotels are hotels which offer a range of amenities designed to accommodate pet owners. In these hotels pet owners get gourmet room service menus for their pets. Examples include, JW Marriott Hotels, Renaissance Hotels, Ritz-Carlton.

What is pet-friendly? ›

/ˌpetˈfrend.li/ used to describe a place that is suitable for pets or where you can stay with your pet: You can find lists of pet-friendly motels on the internet.

Can I give dog Benadryl for allergies? ›

Benadryl is a great medication for use in dogs with mild-to-moderate allergies. Seasonal allergies, food allergies, environmental allergies, and allergic reactions to snake and insect bites all respond to Benadryl in most cases.

Why you shouldn't let your dog sleep with you? ›

Point: Dogs carry certain intestinal parasites, fleas, and ticks that cause human illnesses. Sleeping with a dog increases human exposure to these parasites and vector-borne diseases. Very young, very old, and immune compromised people are particularly at risk of infection.

Is it OK to let your dog sleep with you? ›

So long as your dog is healthy, well-trained and isn't waking you up frequently in the night, feel free to let your pup sleep where they like. Whether or not your pup even wants to be in your bed might just be one of the things your dog wishes you knew.

Where should my dog sleep at night time? ›

All dogs are different and they have different needs. If your dog gets into trouble at night it might be best to keep him in the bedroom or crate. Most dogs prefer to lie next to you and they would also sleep there, if they could choose.

Where is the best spot to pet your dog? ›

Many dogs enjoy petting from trusted people in the following areas:
  • Lower back near the base of the tail.
  • Belly and underside of the chest.
  • Top of the head and neck.
  • Under the chin.
  • On the front of the neck.
  • On the sides of the thighs.
27 Aug 2021

How can I take my dog everywhere I go? ›

There's no other way to do that than to make your dog into a service dog. You can only do that if you have a disability in the first place. If you don't, forget about visiting certain places with your pet unless given permission.

Does shouting no at a dog work? ›

In fact, not only is it likely to make them naughtier, it can even lead to even stress and depression. Research conducted by the University of Porto demonstrated that shouting at your dog and using 'punishment-based training' could make them depressed in the long-term.

Do dogs understand no? ›

To a human, “no” is a negative. It means you can't do/have what you want. When we say “no” to a toddler or a dog, it usually means “stop what you're doing right now” but a dog doesn't know that. It knows you're not happy – your body language and tone of voice will convey that.

Does telling a dog no work? ›

Most humans like to use the word “No”. Many dog trainers, however, feel that this is a very negative way of training a dog and research shows that dogs who are responded to in a negative way such as shouting or hurting them, may eventually respond with aggression towards their handler!

How do you decline a dog sitting Rover? ›

If you're unable to take a stay, it's best to decline a request by politely letting the owner know you are unable to take the stay, and using the “decline and archive” button.

How do you politely decline dog sitting? ›

“I think I could be a great pet sitter for your crew, but I have concerns about the length of time you plan to have your dogs crated.

How do I decline an offer for my dog? ›

If you don't want to take the dog, then don't. I would prefer to offer a reason, but honestly you don't even need to. You can just say "I actually don't think I'm a good fit for your pup at this point. Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me."

How much does it cost to board a dog at Disney World? ›

Rates range from $41 per night per dog for a resort guest using standard services and $97 per night for the deluxe Vacation Villas. If you are staying at one of the Disney World hotels with your dog, he can stay at Doggy Day Camp each day.

Are dogs allowed in Downtown Disney? ›

According to the Disneyland Resort Rules, pets or other animals are not allowed inside the theme parks or Downtown Disney District. As always, service animals are welcome so if your dog is a service animal then you would be allowed to bring it to the A Touch of Disney event and into the Downtown Disney District.

Are emotional support dogs allowed in Disney World? ›

Service animals are restricted to dogs and miniature ponies inside the theme parks of Walt Disney World. No other animals are allowed in the Parks or Resorts. Animals designated as emotional support animals are not allowed.

Does Animal Kingdom allow dogs? ›

Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge does not allow dogs. Please choose a different pet friendly hotel in Disney World for your trip. Or, browse all pet friendly hotels in Disney World if you're still looking.

Does Disney have a dog day? ›

Dog's Day at Magic Kingdom Park | Walt Disney World - YouTube

Which Disney resort allows dogs? ›

The four include Disney's Yacht Club Resort, Disney Port Orleans Resort – Riverside and Disney's Art of Animation Resort and the Cabins at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. The offering includes Pluto's Welcome amenity, which gives dogs and their owners a collection of dog-friendly items.

Are cats allowed in Disney World? ›

After all, doesn't everybody want to be a cat? At this time, cats are not permitted in Walt Disney World Resort hotels or in the theme parks. There is currently a pilot program underway that allows Guests to bring their dogs when staying at select dog-friendly resort hotels, but cats aren't included in this program.

Where can I leave my dog when I go to Disneyland? ›

Dogs, Cats and other Pets

Disneyland Kennel Club accepts dogs and cats over four months with proper proof of vaccinations. Small (legal to the state of California) pets like birds, rabbits and select rodents may stay at the Kennel Club if they are in their own carrier and do not need any vaccination records.

Can you walk dogs at Disney Springs? ›

Pets are not permitted at Disney Springs. Service animals only are permitted. It can get very crowded and with the food service areas and open formats, this appears to be treated more like an indoor mall than an outdoor one.

What can you do with your dog at Disneyland? ›

There is a kennel onsite for pets that are not service dogs to spend the day, while their owners enjoy Disneyland Resort. The Disneyland Resort Kennel Club opens 30 minutes prior to the earliest park opening time and typically closes 30 minutes after the latest park closing time.

Can dogs go on roller coasters? ›

Animals cannot safely ride roller coasters such as the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Expedition Everest or any of the mountains. They can't be secured in the seat, so riding puts them at risk. They are permitted to board most other attractions as needed.

Can dogs go on a Disney cruise? ›

Yes. Trained service animals are welcome in most locations on board Disney Cruise ships. All service animals must remain on a leash and under your control, or that of someone in your travel party, at all times. Further, you will be responsible for the care and feeding of your animal.

Does Disney request service dog papers? ›

Staff cannot ask about the person's disability, require medical documentation, require a special identification card or training documentation for the dog, or ask that the dog demonstrate its ability to perform the work or task.

How do I make my dog a service dog? ›

How does My Dog Become a Service Dog?
  1. Identify and Understanding What Type of Dog You Have.
  2. Find a Trainer You Trust or Train Your Dog Yourself!
  3. Train Your Service Dog.
  4. Pass a Public Access Test.
  5. Consider Service Dog Certification and Registration.

Are dogs allowed in Epcot? ›

According to the official WDW website, “other than service animals, dogs are not permitted in theme parks, water parks or common areas such as restaurants, pools and recreational spaces.”

Can dogs go to Disneyland Paris? ›

No. For health and safety reasons, pets (except guide and assistance dogs for visually impaired and reduced mobility Guests) are not allowed in the Disney Parks and Hotels. However, you can leave your pet in good hands at our Animal Care Centre.


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